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Alber E-Pilot Power Add On
Alber E-Pilot Power Add On
The e-pilot offers an environmentally friendly mobility alternative with maximum driving pleasure!

Alber E-Pilot Power Add On

Take a quick trip into the city, visit friends or just a quick run with the dog: the e-pilot makes it possible. Even longer distances are not an issue for you due to the large lithium-ion battery pack. When you arrive at the destination, you simply undock the e-pilot and use your manual wheelchair as usual.

The e-pilot offers you a new kind of mobility. The large front wheel allows you to expand your options: A dirt road or cobblestones are no longer obstacles. Even over a curb, not a problem. The sturdy chassis, integrated battery pack and powerful drive wheel combine to make a sporty design with sophisticated ergonomics perfectly

Introducing the Alber E-Pilot

Key Features
of the E-Pilot

The e-pilot turns your wheelchair into a sporty vehicle in a matter of seconds. Just a few simple steps to attach the e-pilot to your wheelchair and you have a dynamic combination for everyday life.